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Upcycled T-Shirt Checkerboard Pants

Upcycled T-Shirt Checkerboard Pants

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Comfy like an old t-shirt, but for your legs.  These knit drawstring pants, with big front pockets, are made from old rejected tonal yellow t-shirts, cut and re-arranged into a checkerboard! The graphics from summer camps, clubs and teams of the past are now mostly disconnected from their original meaning, flipped inside the pant but giving texture and shape on the outside. 

Waist: 34" (or smaller)

Hips: 40"

Length:  Adjusted just for you after purchase.  Can fit as a cropped pant for someone up to 6'2" or as a full length pant up to 5'10".  I'll contact your right after purchase to walk you through it and can send a tape measure too if needed : )



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