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etako etako

etako etako color club - July - Peach

etako etako color club - July - Peach

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This month’s color is peach!  Drop off or mail in to arrive before the end of July, to get in on this month’s communal dye bath : )

Give your clothes new life with the etako etako color club.  How it works:

-Each month, there will be a color available to have your clothes over-dyed.

-All natural fibers can be dyed (except for used undergarments, silk, wool, sheer/delicate fabrics, feathers or fur)

-For best results, medium to light clothes work best, since dark fabrics won’t show the color change.

-$18 minimum / deposit

-Place order online for deposit and you’ll receive follow-up email with detailed mail in/drop off instructions.

-Drop off in person at our South Boston studio or mail in so that it arrives before end of month.

-Once the items are received at the studio, they’ll be checked in and put in the queue.

-An invoice will be sent for the return shipping (if not picking up) and any remaining balance due after the deposit is deducted.

-Everyone’s clothes are dyed!

-Your freshly dyed items will be ready for pickup or shipping by the end of August, with emails going out once ready.

Pricing: Each item is $24 per pound, rounded up to closest 1/4 lb.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Please note, due to the nature of different fabrics, and small batch dyeing, colors will vary and each is unique.  That’s part of the fun!

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